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Auction Time: July 18, 2019 / 04:08 AM PDT
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AU-18-TONYLOFT-12336 100% American Trenton Great Long Distance Strain.
Auction #68489
Tony Loft ????




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AU-18-TONYLOFT-12336 100% American Trenton Great Long Distance Strain.


100% American Trenton
Great Long Distance Strain.


Let us look at a few records flights by the Trentons: 
in July 11, 1913, a Blue Checker half Trenton known as 'Bullet' homed into
Fort Wayne from Abilene, Texas, 1000 miles late in the afternoon of the 2nd
day to the loft of Oscar Anderson, a world record in 1 day, 11 hours, and 24
minutes, and 6 seconds making a speed of 1042.54 yards per minute. 
On the 24th of June, 1927, 'Bullet's' record was broken by 'Wayne Jr.' a full
Trenton bred and flown into Fort Wayne by C.W. Oetting. 'Wayne Jr.' flew
1005 miles to his home loft in I day, 10 hours, 22 minutes and 20 seconds,
with a speed of 1122.43 ypm. Much has happened since then in relation to
this fabulous strain. In fact one of the great exponents of the Trenton's- Milton
Haffner of Fort Wayne, Indiana, according to my sources in a period of 21
years sent 79 birds to races of 1,000 mile distances and realized a
percentage of 71%- that is 57 returns.
This is phenomenal! One of the latter a cock named 'Spotty' flew 1,000 miles
five times collecting a first and a second with his last race at the age of nine
years old. And today representatives of the strain continue to cross the one
thousand miles barrier. In fact this great strain of distance racing pigeons
went on to create a lasting legacy as the foundation of many of the great long
distance lofts in the United States of America.

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